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Is MJP have full-time live-in caregiver or childcare?

Yes, we do.

Is that possible to hire a caregiver or nanny from other country?

Yes, it is possible. Please call us for more details about it.

Is there a fee to hire from MJP HomeCare?

Yes. Our fee is very reasonable and negotiable. We will discuss during consultation in person.

How did MJP find the suitable candidates for each client?

Mostly we find them from circle of friends and some they find us to social media and advertising. We conduct criminal check on each candidates for security reason. home care| frequent questions

Does MJP team works during holidaday or weekends?


How much does salary minimum for caregivers|childcare|cleaning

Minimum salary:

Nanny: $ 14.00-15.00 per hour 

Caregiver: $15-20 per hour

PSW : $17-25 per hour

Cleaning: $80-160 fix per visit

Does MJP HomeCare collect fee ?

Yes, we collect fee when you hire a full time nanny and caregiver (live-in/ live out ) from us. In regards of the cost, we will discuss in person