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About us

MJP HomeCare Services was established in 2013. We started providing services around GTA area. This Company is dedicated to serve each client with an exceptional nanny, caregiver and housekeeper. We are here to help taking care of your family with great passion and loving care. MJP Home Care would like to make your life easier with the help of our team.

Meet Mary Jane is  proud mother and creator of MJP HomeCare. She created this services for the sole purpose of extending the support that families need in the busy world that we live in today. She herself has a great passion taking care of her family and also others. At the age of 23, she went to Taiwan and work as a caregiver (was caregiver for an elderly and child care for one family ). After few years of working in Taiwan, she crossed to Canada to pursue her dream (Canada is her dream land). She came in country on May 2006, since then she was very happy and fulfilled. From 2006 to 2010 she was working with special needs teenager and  a housekeeper. So, she understands the process, techniques and feelings of being a nanny/elderly care and household manager and specially the needs and privacy of the employers.

After 2010, she pursued another career which is Medical Office Admin but she was not very happy because that was not what she love to do.. so she follows her heart to pursue her dream to help families and provide passionate and loving care to individual who needs care services. Most of her friends working as a nanny/caregiver in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, Israel Jerusalem and in Middle East,(all Filipino/Filipina) are dreaming to come to Canada, but entering here is not easy . So, she wanted to be a helping hand for others who wanted to work in Canada as well. To have this business is the way to meet more potential employers who needs help for their family. In this way, she may be able to help her fellow Filipino and other nationality as well.
Our Company serves and provides qualified caregivers, nanny, and housekeepers to the clients who need services. We all know that managing a household can be incredibly exhausting, and excessive household duties can supress you from the "Metime" that you really need in your day to day dwelling. Our Company, lends out a caring hand to individuals in need of aid and services. 

Our clients were very happy of our services! :)